Mountain Edelweiss in the Donbass. Part Three: In battle

An ordinary day of Ukraine’s War: In battle

The daily combat routine is quite trivial and even boring. Certainly, for an average citizen, a shot from a rifle or RPG is something extraordinary. However, in reality, it does not look as dazzling as an action scene from a movie, and shooting itself is not that frequent. View More

Dinner in the middle of fighting. Men drink tea and rest in a kitchen-dugout, while other soldiers were suppressing enemy fire. (photo by ukrainian military photographer Andriy Dubchak)

An ordinary day of Ukraine’s War: The underground of the frontline

There are many names for this structure: dugout, shelter, or, as rebels called it – kriivka. It is a big hole in the ground covered with tree trunks and sand bags, usually arranged in several layers. This shelter becomes home for soldiers for many months, and the nature of life itself transforms from terrestrial into subterranean state. View More

One of the Olexanders observed with binoculars the territory in front of the slagheap

An ordinary day of Ukraine’s War: Slagheap and snipers

The entire Donbass steppe is interspersed with waste slagheaps, which create their frame geometry on the horizon. For years, Donbass miners have created piles of rock dumps, creating a new Donbas relief. Currently, there is a rock structure of great heights near the city of Zolote, located in the Luhansk region and was taken under the control of Ukrainian mountain stormtroopers who observed the entire situation. View More